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February 2019 Newsletter

We're back in the Dominican Republic for our "Winter Season". We're scheduled to be back in Jacksonville in late March for some follow up medical appointments for Edda. She's experiencing a slow recovery from her torn meniscus surgery on December 20th.

2019 Conference Kickoff

Our 2019 conferences are off to a rousing start. The ladies "Radiante" conference had a total of 96 in attendance (including the 15 ladies from Creekside and Swiss Cove Christian Churches that staffed the conference). The theme was "Redeeming Love" with a special Saturday Night Gala that was a big hit with all of the ladies. All expectations were exceeded again, as the ladies that presented the conference came well prepared and even made changes "on the fly" during the conference.


Click here for a brief video of their trip.

In addition to the conference the ladies visited a public Children's Hospital and distributed over $500 of items to 105 needy children. In addition to the conference the ladies visited a public Children's Hospital and distributed over $500 of items to 105 needy children.  

The last stop for the ladies was a visit to the "Eagle's Nest" mountain retreat for a cool (temperature wise) overnight stay and a time for prayer and reflection.

Our Facebook page for Pr 22:6 Resource Ministry has albums for the three main activities of the team, click here to access.

Upcoming Events

The next conference is the "On the Edge" youth conference in July; this year will be our fourth annual conference.

Mike Smith (South Haven Christian Church) will be visiting to preach the annual "Soul Faith Promise" message for 3 Dominican churches in March, June and August.

Now that the Mission House has no guests and is tranquil, we will continue the preparation and distribution of Christian Education lessons to the Dominican churches we support. We will be interviewing a few other churches to possibly add them to the churches we already provide with lessons.

Need for Prayer and Financial Support

Please keep us in your prayers as our ministry expands into the new and exciting areas we have described. Pray for our health as well (Edda has several follow up appointments in late March and April in Jacksonville). As always, remember that your faithful prayer and financial support enables us to "equip the next generation to serve" in the Dominican Republic.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers

On the Edge for Him,

David & Edda

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